Why Hire Me

Derek Triplett is a change agent.  The mission of Derek Triplett Ministries and 3DTrip Enterprises is to inspire and equip urban citizens to live at full strength.  His vision is clear.  He would like a world where everyone has a real chance to become their best self.  Through is writing, speaking, coaching, and community service Triplett seeks to inspire and challenge as well as give them the tools to build impactful lives.

For workshops, seminars, panel discussions, keynote addresses, coaching and consulting, Triplett excels in the following areas:

Men and Boys

I want to decrease the number of unprepared and underdeveloped men.  It is true that males are born and men are built. That is the premise of my book, When I Became a Man.  I have worked on manhood development for years by via mentorship, seminars and services, inner city basketball tournaments and leagues, and speaking events.  The latest manhood initiative is G.A.M.E., Getting All Males Equipped.


Leadership Training

I am very adept at leadership training and development for individuals, teams and staffs.

My leadership skills have been forged in the church environment for over 30 years and through community based organization and civic advisory and boards of directors for the last 15+ years.  I have been trained by working with private industry, government agencies and citizen’s groups to increase the quality of life for all citizens. I just finished a 2-year term as chairman of Career Source Flagler/Volusia which taught me how to build teams and develop systems across the public and private sector.  I am a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and trainer.

Personal Enrichment

My motto is better people make a better world.   Whether it is through speaking, preaching, my books, Making Changes radio, television segments, or just social media I consistently try to give people tools to get better.

Community Transformation and Empowerment

  • Church based initiatives
  • Community empowerment plans
  • Community based organizations
  • County-wide visioning efforts
  • Workforce, Economic Development, Affordable Housing
  • County Charter Review Commission
  • State appointed Racing commission
  • United Way

I have worked to increase the quality of life for urban citizens, working from the inside and protesting from the outside when necessary

Last but not least, I’m still a well-respected preacher and teacher.