The Change Agent

IMG_0089600Derek Triplett is a man on the move -Part of his mandate is to change the world.  As such, he has started two national programs.  Please take a moment to read about those programs below.


GAMElogofinalcolorMales have a unique set of issues.  In many cases, Central Florida cities are black male wastelands.  Very few males are able to reach their full potential and do not have enough contact with those who have.

G.A.M.E. is an initiative to assist  boys and men reach their full potential.  It is our premise that males are born and men are built.   G.A.M.E. presents forums to help shape minds, so the next generation can learn to make good decisions, change negative behavioral patterns, and develop standards that will propel them forward.

G.A.M.E. seeks to be a place to:

                    • Provide a venue for meaningful and free Expression via thoughtful exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences
                    • Facilitate Exposure to other men with similarities and distinct differences.
                    • Help Educate boys and men on how to live safely, effectively, and successfully as a black man in America
                    • Raise the level of Expectations
                    • Encourage and Empower men to set and reach attainable goals

G.A.M.E. forums are thought provoking, informative and collaborative. Thus far, G.A.M.E is proving to reach boys and men where they are and therefore is meeting its core objectives.

FORM (formerly NotMyCity) exists to fight, counteract, and where possible eliminate the negative trends and effects of poverty and apathy on the local community.  What started as a feeling and a decision is now a passion and is becoming a movement.  We can and will no longer disregard or simply adjust to the downward spiral of urban America.  Most people accept the poor conditions.
They say, “Times are difficult everywhere. Urban communities are in rapid decay all over.” Urban neighborhoods are now just ‘the hood’ and crime, abuse, civic disengagement, low educational and economic productivity are the expected norm. FORM, says, “No, not where I live, work, and raise my family.”  We seek to defy the reality and slow the trends through initiatives and events with objectives of prevention, intervention, innovation, collaboration, and community awareness.
FORM has sponsored, “March Against the Madness”, a march and rally to bring awareness and emphasis to pressing community issues, and “The Black Male Gathering”, a healthy venue for black males to vent, share, learn and grow.
FORM is a movement and not an organization per se at this time.  We seek like-minded people, results-oriented who are passionate about working toward positive change.  Anyone can join the movement. “Members” are simply referred to as IMC’s (It’s My City).  Look out soon for more initiatives, actions, and development.