MR: He Got G.A.M.E.

MR: He Got G.A.M.E.


Manhood Resources is meant to assist males in their quest and responsibility to develop themselves into top quality men. Males are born. Men are built. Building males into men takes the right resources.

He Got G.A.M.E.

I started a program for young males ages 12-24 called G.A.M.E. which is an acronym for Getting All Males Equipped. The program is built on the same premise as my book. Males are born. Men are built. Males do not just become real, good men. If we are fortunate this intentional building process starts with our parents and family, and we eventually take on the responsibility of finishing the construction project ourselves over the course of the rest of our lives.

Males have to be equipped for manhood. The equipment needed for real manhood is more than physicality, the right look, a nice whip, or the right amount of money. I am a person of faith and even that alone is not enough to properly equip a male for manhood. I believe there are 5 areas of development along with spirituality that are necessary. They are the 5 pillars of G.A.M.E. Let’s see if you got G.A.M.E.

  1. Education

Education is both formal and informal. Whether it is the pursuit of degrees and certifications or information from books, periodicals, videos or mentorship, learning should be intentional and constant.

  1. Employment

Self-employment, career planning, or a “bridge” job – It does not matter where you presently fall. A legal way to earn is paramount. There is a lot more we will say about this in future issues because the goal is sufficiently high earnings coupled with personal satisfaction and a contribution to humanity.

  1. Emotional Development

The phrase grown man is somewhat of an oxymoron. I know we usually limit the characterization to age and size, but manhood is about being fully grown emotionally. When a woman says to a man, “You need to grow up,” she is not talking about his height or weight. It is actually quite easy for us to be emotionally injured or underdeveloped. The lack of development is usually tied to an injury that took place during our boyhood that stunted our growth.

  1. Exposure

The lack of exposure can stunt development. Sometimes because of socioeconomic factors and family dynamics we don’t get to see and experience enough of the right stuff during childhood. Many times you have to see it to dream it. We often get exposed to the wrong things too soon. The negative effect can be far-reaching and long standing. That is a subject for another issue.

  1. Empowerment

In my opinion an empowered man is one who is positioned to serve, influence, and assist others. While I whole-heartedly believe in the importance of female leaders, I know the value of male leadership in our homes and communities. Every man should seek to be an empowered man. Our communities need us to serve and lead.

Analyze where you are in these 5 areas. Check your G.A.M.E. If you don’t life will.

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