That Moment

That Moment

That moment when you are forced to admit and accept that the way you live your life will not work. It becomes obvious that what you’re doing is counterproductive to what you want to do.

That moment when you make up your mind that the price of remaining the same is higher than the price of changing and both have high prices. That moment that requires a sort of sanctified selfishness where you narrow your focus to you for a minute so that you can become healthier for everyone you love and so that you can stop being frustrated with yourself.

That moment that doesn’t require prayer for what to do. It requires courage and endurance to get it done. That moment when you are pushed to the point of no return because the place you’re in has become a spiritual, rational, and emotional neighborhood that has become too dangerous for you to live in. It’s way past time to move.

That moment when you must be your own savior. That moment where God says, “I will be there but you must do the work.” That moment where it’s time to do it differently forever.

Are you facing this moment?

  • Sher Moore
    Posted at 13:58h, 02 June Reply

    The “unknown” always carries an element of “risk”; from climbing to the top of Mt. Everest or climbing to the top of the Music charts. A simple phone call that says “unknown” can trigger feelings of apprehension-do I risk answering the call of an ID hacker/scam artist or is it a friend from overseas-“unknown.” It’s always great to have a “good support” system of “wise” unbiased friends. Whose got your back AND is that where you’ve been sending Satan all these years (get thee behind me…). Often times the LORD requires (tests) us to make a Leap of Faith=Trust in the LORD and lean not to your own understanding. Make sure the #1 Friend at your back/behind you is Christ and the rest of your advisors are strong in character and humble in Spirit–like Christ.

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