Is Swearing Good For You?

Is Swearing Good For You?


Having a “potty mouth” could actually be good for you!

Researchers found swearing is emotional language and can make you feel better in certain situations. That is because it alleviates stress and pain. But there are two sides to the cursing debate.

UCF Professor Dr. Christian Beck said he actually curses in his classroom sometimes in order to get his point across. He said emotional language is not always appropriate and can sometimes offend, but it emphasizes your point and adds effect. Dr. Beck said if you know your audience, it can be a powerful tool.

Pastor and counselor Derek Triplett said even though swearing might bring personal stress relief, you have to ask yourself who is listening. He also said it can exacerbate a situation, lead people to anger and some are not mature enough to handle that type of language. Since that is the case, he said we have to be careful what words we use.

Luanne Sorrell and Ryan Elijah chimed in as well. Ryan said the first thing he tells his little league team is to use clean language. He said it is a self-discipline we need to learn. Luanne said it is not so much that the actual words offend her, but how they are used. She said any word can be a curse word if you have anger in your heart.

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