TripBox — When the Opposite is Right

TripBox — When the Opposite is Right

Tripbox (remember pay me no attention when I’m on the box. Just the thoughtful musing of a smart aleck with good intentions)

It’s become a bit obvious that in America as abnormal becomes increasingly normal, wrong becomes right, tolerable, or at least considered “not your business”, and media shapes culture more than anything else that the black church is not prepared to respond to the present cultural shift. Most of us are watching Oprah’s Life class or Iyanla’s Fix my life trying to get ourselves together and in no condition and without passion to be salt or light.

Give or take a few others Hip Hop, Gay rights and its aggressive agenda (Michael Sams didn’t care about the number of young boys watching the NFL draft as he kissed his partner) Real Housewives, Scandal, and all things Beyoncé are in charge of the hearts and minds of most urban blacks regardless of how much mega church we see in the Christian media. Church people please don’t respond with God is in control or we have to pray. (That will give me a headache).

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